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Such as it is...

A lot to be said in favor of working from home.
Of course, if you CAN work from home, you're EXPECTED to work from home. And be available all the time.
Eg: if you've come down with something and would not be feeling up to an hour's commute to the office, you can get a good amount of work done anyway - the "8-hour day" (hah) is now 18 hours long but there can be plenty of hot tea/med-effects/nap breaks.

I've noticed lately that the ubiquitous Captcha used for site or download security has changed. It's no longer putting up one warped text and one piece or scanned text to be deciphered by a real person and added to the efforts to digitize old and decaying books. No, now they're putting up house numbers - probably for Google or Bing street-view efforts.
As someone who has had several tussles trying to get Google/Bing/Waze/Nokia etc to correct misplaced street addresses, I hope this will help. But I do feel a bit like a creepy stalker peering through a telephoto trying to make out someone's house number...

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