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It's Comcastic!

Okay... it may be all done now.

Jay & not-so-silent Bob were here Friday and did the deed.
Not Friday morning as they said, but Friday afternoon.
fileg had of course been up since the previous night and was going to say up through the morning to let them in and keep watch.
She called me about noon in the state os weepy exhaustion begging me to talk to her to keep her awake. J&nsSB had not shown up all morning, but were certain to appear as soon as she fell into a wake-proof slumber. We blithered at each other until she got her 14th wind and I said I would be on the way home as soon as my afternoon meeting had dispersed.

-1 staff meeting later-

I called home and found a disturbingly chipper spouse - hysterical mania tinged with bone-weary exhaustion. J&nsSB had arrived at 1pm and attacked the wall with a masonry drill. They had waited until afternoon because they knew Fileg worked nights - despite their statement from the paragraph above.

I could tell that she was about to collapse so I hung up and told my manager that Comcast was about to disassemble our AV system like a monkey with a sledge hammer. He knew the drawn-out details of this adventure and just said: "Go - and have a good weekend."

At home there was one collapsed spouse, cleanly installed wall plates, functioning cable TV and broadband access. J&nsSB had left the pantry door open and the light on, but everything else was back in place. Huzzah!

This weekend - elladans_witch's website for her budding jewelry work (EarringSmith), Speed Grapher volumes 2 & 3 and homemade crustless quiche for breakfast. Mmmmm...
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